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:bulletblack: From the moment you join this group, you have a responsibility to treat other members with respect. That means no insulting, no rudeness, no trolling and above all, no offending! If you joined this group just to troll, then I suggest you leave before you get blocked :)
:bulletblack: This is a group for 13+ people (seeing as the game is rated teens). Consequently, I quite frankly do not want to see anything that should be for adult's eyes only. If you submit anything which breaks this rule, you will be temporarily suspended from submitting!
:bulletblack: I've now set up folders (which I will come to explain in a minute). As you guys have permission to submit pieces to the gallery, myself and the rest of the admins do not want to spend hours putting stuff into the correct folders. Submit to the correct folder, or your work will be denied!
:bulletblack: This is not a general FFXIII-2 fan club-this is a fan club for Caius, so we want to actually see Caius in any submitted works! It doesn't matter if he doesn't have a big part in whatever you're submitting, but your work CAN and WILL be denied if he is completely absent from the piece. You've been warned!
:bulletblack: This is a temporary rule until at least 2 months after FFXIII-2 is released in Europe, but it's still a rule nevertheless - keep the group spoiler-free! Anyone who breaks this rule will have their comment removed and receive a warning.

We didn't want to make too many rules - after all, too many rules to enforce would wear us admins out, and too many rules to stick to would probably make you guys fed up of being in the group!

The Three Strike System
:bulletblack: As a way to enforce these rules, myself and the admins have set up a Three Strike System.
It's almost as simple as it sounds! It works like the following:
:bulletgreen:First Strike: This is just a verbal warning, which myself or another admin will send to you via note. This occurs after either a few minor offences, or a first serious offence.
:bulletyellow:Second Strike: This is a temporary ban, which will last from anything between a week and a month, depending on how serious the cause of the ban is. This occurs if a few more minor offences occur following a warning, or if a serious offence occurs after a warning.
:bulletred:Third Strike: Permanent ban. If you get a third strike, it's gonna be VERY highly unlikely that you'll be taken off the ban list, so don't get to this stage if you want to stay in the group! This occurs if a few more minor offences occur after the temporary ban, if a serious offence occurs after a temporary ban, or if you've just joined to troll.
:bulletblack: To make it fair on you guys, if you receive a warning but don't break any rules for the next month and a half, you'll be back to no strikes. If you receive a temporary ban, it'll take a month and a half to go back to first strike, and another month and a half to go back to no strikes.
:bulletblack: Also, if someone receives a strike, we will keep note of it in the admin area, so don't think that we'll just forget!

So now that we've sorted out the rules and how we enforce them, here are the wonderful people that make up the admin team! :D



Group Info

''Lose yourself in battle, and rejoice!''

Hello and welcome to :iconkaias-fc-ff13-2:! Join requests are automatically accepted, so don't be shy!
We are a group dedicated to the most epic antagonist Final Fantasy may have just seen! :D
Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 22, 2011


Group Focus
Fan Club

114 Members
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:iconsquareenixboys: SquareEnixBoys For the sexy guys of SE! :iconfinalfantasyxiii-2: FinalFantasyXIII-2 Lightning Returns: FFXIII :iconffxiii-2fans: FFXIII-2Fans Why does mankind defy its fate? :iconlightning-fan-club: Lightning-Fan-Club we are army of one! :iconffxiiianddd012-fc: FFXIIIandDD012-FC focus-make impossible possible :iconparadigmcommando: ParadigmCommando Some things in life you just do. :iconsnow-is-sexy-ffxiii: Snow-Is-Sexy-FFXIII Heroes don't need plans! :iconhouse-of-villains: House-of-Villains :iconlightis-x-stellis-fc: Lightis-X-Stellis-FC Support your Pairing! :iconfinalfantasy13-3: FinalFantasy13-3

The group's current goal...

...Is to get more contributors!
See… for more details :)

(also, a little note from LadyKy007 - when I created this group, I thought that Caius' name was Kaias. Turns out Kaias is his Japanese name, not his English name!
Sorry about that guys =P)

Come see our sister Caius group -------> :iconcaius-ballad-fc:

Also, I'd like to draw your attention to the CaiusPlz account:
:iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz:Caius by DarknessTare
Hello everyone! :D

We've gathered a fair few ideas between us as to what we want to do for our upcoming contest. So I'm gonna list them all below and you vote for your favourite one (you only have one vote so make it count!). Simple enough, right? :meow:

The Contest Ideas Are:
:bulletpurple: A Day In The Life (suggested by Lightchii, Orahs-Cosplay and chiroyakushi) - Draw/write about Caius doing ordinary things, such as housework chores, getting ready in the morning (after all, his hair probably takes quite a bit of time and effort to look so epic :XD:), looking after Yeul, and so on! The possibilities are endless!
:bulletblack: Humour Contest (suggested by chiroyakushi and TonberryOwnage13) - You could draw/write about something funny that Caius does! Maybe link it in with the idea above and have him do something ordinary with a funny twist to it? The possibilities are once again endless!
:bulletpurple: 101 Theme (suggested by katya-uchiha) - Because the whole idea of having a new contest came from the fact that we've now reached 101 members, we could do a '101 theme' - such as maybe drawing Caius in dalmatian form (101 Dalmatians anyone?), or '101 reasons why Caius shouldn't be a house husband' (I love the theme of everyday life popping up everywhere!). It's certainly a challenging idea!
:bulletblack: Role Reversal (suggested by LadyKy007) - I came up with this idea yesterday and figured I'd at least share it. Basically, Caius is the main antagonist of FF13-2, BUT what if he was actually a protagonist and someone else (Noel maybe?) was the antagonist. Your task then would be to write/draw something from this Alternate Universe version of FF13-2! Personally, it's a bit of a crazy idea, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway :)

You are welcome to suggest new ideas, and I will update them on this journal. If you vote but then someone says a new idea and you actually prefer it more, you are welcome to change your vote :)
You vote simply by commenting on this journal!

Also, we need prizes. Myself and Lightchii can offer prizes, but we need more people! Anyone else interested?

Thanks guys! :iconlawaveplz:

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Harker-Cosplay Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
and again a video but this time not a cosplay one ;)


It's a short and sad Caius x Yeul Tribute
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Please help me ! I'm one of the finalist in FF 25th birthday summit : [link]

vote for Harker ! Thanks :D
Harker-Cosplay Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
new video made by my Yeul :D

Harker-Cosplay Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I didn't know where I could post it but I made a Cosplay video of Yeul and Caius with a friend ^^ It's very short so here is the link !


Thanks :)
ReiRobin Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for accepting the affiliate between us!
Recent Journal: Final Fantasy XIII-3 Spoilers- 2nd Update

Much appreciated,
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welcome :D
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